Area Information​

Since its early inception as a utopian community, Fairhope continues to be a refuge for artists, writers and individuals with big, unique ambitions.

The reasons to live in Fairhope are as endless as the reasons to visit. The city retains its old-school charm with as well as a splash of modernity. Downtown Fairhope is the prime example of that quintessential Southern charm, especially with its boutiques, premier restaurants, library and local favorites, such as the Page & Palette Bookstore and Theatre 98. Fairhope’s bounty overflows with handmade products, all crafted with care and adoration. These artisanal offerings including honey, paintings, food, soap and more. Most of the local seafood cuisine is even pulled from Mobile Bay. Why outsource for anything when you have it at home?


Fairhope’s bounty is not just plentiful in commerce. It is also a city of natural beauty. City workers are proud to maintain the planter boxers and hanging pots that line the streets of downtown Fairhope. Encompassing the Fairhope spirit, the flowers are always in bloom, even in the middle of winter. Near downtown, the Fairhope Municipal Pier continues to survive hurricanes and offers scenic views at every step of its 1,448 feet. No matter where you stop, oaks and other trees line the city’s paved streets.

Fairhope continues to grow, and it has space just for you and your family. Live in Fairhope, and we believe that your life will have a “fair hope” of taking root here, just as so many generations have done before.